The library is a structural division of the college, which provides the educational process through library, bibliographic and information services for students and teachers.

The college library is located on the first floor of the building, the total area of the library is 70.3 m2. There is a book depository located in the basement.

The total book collection is 29,575 copies, including 1,940 copies in the state language. The college’s website contains books on electronic media.

The fund of additional literature consists of the following types of editions: textbook and books, reference editions (encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books), periodicals, fiction.

The quality of the collection of basic and supplementary literature is ensured by the annual replenishment of the book collection with new textbooks, teaching aids and professional periodicals. When completing the collection, both students’ requests and teachers’ requests are taken into account.

Acquisition of new literature is always coordinated with the educational department.

Every year the library subscribes 18 titles of newspapers and magazines. Most of them are national publications in Kazakh and Russian languages, which are of scientific, educational and professional interest for students and teachers.

The library organizes book exhibitions, holds readers’ conferences, meetings with writers and poets of East Kazakhstan. The book exhibition fulfills readers’ requests, familiarizes readers with new arrivals and provides them with the necessary literature.

Kazakhstan Automated Library and Information System “KABIS” (KABIS Standard) was installed to automate library processes.

The library has created and maintains comfortable conditions for effective work of all groups of users. There is a reading room for 20 seats, equipped with computers with Internet connection, a scanner, printer and photocopier. Information can be downloaded to electronic media or printed. Computer support is widely used for extracurricular activities, which makes them more spectacular and memorable. A good assistant for users is the INTERNET. It significantly expands their information opportunities, increases the efficiency of independent work, helps to quickly find the necessary information.