• Sun. May 28th, 2023


On July 3, at the Ust-Kamenogorsk College of Economics and Finance, the graduation ceremony of 2019 was held.

In total, in 2018- 2019 academic year, 102 specialists were graduated.

By specialties:

– “Accounting and Auditing” – 30
– “Finance” – 37
– “Management” – 15
– “Computer Engineering and Software” – 14
– “Maintenance, repair and operation of motor vehicles” – 6

By language of instruction:

– in the state language – 19 “Finance”
– in Russian – 83


Congratulations to our excellent students!

Finished “excellent”:

1. Batyrkhanova Saltanat “Accounting and Audit” AA-31
2.Zheteneva Alina “Accounting and Audit” AA-31
3. Zasukhina Anastasia “Accounting and Audit” AA-31
4.Tugelbaeva Elina “Accounting and Audit”  AA-32
5. Baykenova Adele “Accounting and Audit” AA-32
6. Schulz Anastasia “Accounting and Auditing” AA-32
7. Fokina Alina “Finance” FN-31
8. Zhanat Dana “Finance” FN-32
9. Baltabaev Ayaulym “Finance” FN-32
10.Kulubaeva Dilnaz “Finance” FN-32
11.Kurmangaliev Madiyar “Finance” FN-32
12. Musina Yerkezhan “Finance” FN-32
13. Toktarkhan Kamshat “Finance” FN-32
14. Maratova Ayauzhan “Finance FN-32
15. Lyakhova Ekaterina “Management” MD-31
16.Seksembaeva Azhar “Management” MD-31

During the period of study, students were active and showed their creative, sports and professional abilities!

Winners of professional competitions:

1.Zasukhina Anastasia AA-31
2.Bazhenov Mikhail TP-41
3. Talgatұly Azamat FN-32
4. Schultz Anastasia AA-32
5.Mishina Svetlana MD-31
6.Suraeva Irina MD-31
7. Tugelbaeva Ellina AA-32

Winner of the “Best Warden of the Year”
Batyrkhanova Saltanat AA-31

Winners of the nomination “Best College Athletes”
1.Adilbekov Aybek  FN-32
2.Kozlova Victoria  AA-32
3.Seitov Daryn  FN-32

Congratulations! Good luck!